My software tells me they are PCI certified so I don’t have to be.
PCI certification sounds like a big hassle.
It doesn’t matter if I put off PCI certification a little longer.

In fact, let’s look at MYTH or FACT:

  • MYTH:

    A common myth we hear in our industry is that PCI certification isn’t necessary and/or that it is a big headache to certify.

  • TEST:

    We spoke to Ascent’s PCI experts, who have helped hundreds of clients certify their PCI compliance. They told us that PCI certification can save you money every month on non-PCI fees and can help mitigate financial exposure should a data breach occur. And if you are already following the PCI compliance requirements, most merchants need to allocate less than an hour a year to the certification process.



  • FACT:

    Getting PCI certified can be easy. For most merchants, certifying your PCI compliance takes about 45 minutes once a year… and can save you hundreds of dollars while protecting your data and your reputation!

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