AscentPay powered by Uplift

Guests no longer have to save up to book with AscentPay. Guests can book now, and pay later with monthly installments. Property Managers get paid 100% of the full reservation amount the day of the booking, with 0% risk of chargebacks, fraud, or default liability. In fact, Uplift studies show revenue increases by 26% in similar lodging markets due to several reasons, including upgrading trips and longer stays. Are you interested in providing a new game-changing service to offer your guests a cost-effective payment solution, while increasing your revenue and decreasing your exposure to chargebacks?

The response from our industry partners has been nothing short of amazing. We are very excited to have already contracted with many of the VR industry tech companies, such as  BlueTent Marketing, that will be offering the service to their clients, with more partners being added weekly.

You do not have to utilize Ascent for your payment processing, nor switch processors to utilize this new payment acceptance form. AscentPay works seamlessly alongside your current processor.

Request a personal demo to see if you are interested in moving forward with offering this new payment solution by submitting the appropriate form below for your needs: