It’s Time to Re-evaluate Your Processing Partner

Why partner with the 24-year lodging payment processing experts at Ascent? What makes us different from all the other payment processors in the industry?

It is simple. We are the ONLY independently-owned payment processor left in Vacation Rentals and we truly believe in long-term, symbiotic, and profitable partnerships. We do our part by providing your clients with state-of-the-art payment acceptance options and stellar customer service, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Together we provide strong, efficient, and scale-able solutions specific to the short-term rental industry. If it is not profitable or each of us, it doesn’t make sense.

We have multiple partnership opportunities that range from a simple referral base to gateway integrations, as well as our new AscentPay guest finance program.  All of these come with a very sizable revenue share model, as well.

If you are developing a new rental management platform, or looking to replace or add to your gateway or partner offerings, ask yourself, do you want to work with some large, cookie-cutter payments service? Or, do you want to partner with the 24-year leader in short-term rental payments who prides itself on being the originator of Vacation Rental specific payment processing? We started Ascent because we saw Vacation Rental Property Managers being charged incorrectly and grossly under-served by their credit card processor. We designed better products and committed to the highest level of service to help this industry succeed because we knew even then that we could do better, and you deserved better.

We’ve heard that many Property Managers have recently been informed of additional fees from other payments processors in order to receive their funds at the time of booking.  Understandably, they have been turning to their technology providers for other less expensive processing options. We can help. We don’t think merchants should have to wait months or pay more to get funds at the time of guest booking. We also don’t charge to help merchants with chargebacks. We continue leading the industry with the same drive to provide exceptional service, more security, and lower costs because you deserve the best for your clients.

State-of-the-art Payment Processing Gateway Technology

  • Tokenization– This ensures that the guest and the software provider are as protected as possible from cardholder data breaches.
  • Secure Sessions -Ensuring your software never touches guests credit card information, not even at point of entry. NO PCI Requirements.
  • Automatic Auth Reversals – The gateway handles automatic authorization reversals.
  • Card Load Feature –This feature allows the software to capture the cardholder information without having to perform an authorization.
  • EMV Compliant with Plug and Play Technology
  • Certified on ALL Major Networks and Industry Types: Including Lodging. 
  • Compliant with the latest Visa Short Term Rental Requirements
  • Streamlined API with Sample Code for Easy Integration

Industry’s First Guest Finance Option:

  • Largest Rev Share model
  • Same day PM funding
  • No chargeback or fraud risks
  • Increase in direct bookings

Guests Can Book Now and Pay Later with our No-Risk Installment Payment Program

Guests no longer have to save up to book with the first-ever Vacation Rental installment payment program: AscentPay. Guests can stay now, and pay later with simple, affordable monthly installments. Property Managers get paid 100% of the full reservation amount the day of the booking, with 0% risk of chargeback, fraud, or default liability. In fact, Uplift studies in similar markets show revenue increases by 26% in similar lodging markets due to several reasons, including upgrading trips and longer stays. Are you interested in providing a new game-changing service to offer your clients a cost-effective payment solution, while increasing their revenue and decreasing their exposure to chargeback and fraud liability? Your PMs do NOT have to change payment processors to add this new payment option that allows their guests to book now and pay monthly over time.



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