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While some processors are now waiting weeks or months to fund merchants during this time, ASCENT is still boarding new merchants with typical credit card funding of 2-3 days. We understand cash flow is critical, especially during these times. As mentioned in a recent article by VRM Intel, there are many ramifications from other processors changing funding policies. Read the full article here.


Surcharge program to reduce credit card processing fees to almost $0.

Surcharging allows most processing fees to be passed along to your guest (consumer) instead of you or your owners paying the fees. You only pay for debit transactions. But it is complicated and isn’t for everyone. Let’s look at the pros and cons to see if it’s for you. Click here.


Arm your reservation agents with the ability to offer installment loans to get guests back faster.

Consumers LOVE instant financing, and need an affordable way to still have a vacation even in these challenging times. This Agent Portal Tool for your reservation team is complimentary and can be implemented quickly. You do NOT need to change payment processors to offer this service. Read more about AscentPay here. 


Our gateway AUTOMATICALLY populates Level III data for the best rates on qualifying corporate/business cards, so your team doesn’t have to input the details – saving time and resources.

Do you accept corporate cards for payment? If so, we have a new program available that could save you between 0.75% and 0.80% on several of the business and corporate card interchange categories. Read more about Leveling Up here.


Stay in control of your account with MERCHANT OF RECORD setups.  Our NET BILLING setup gives you fees back on cancellation refunds whenever possible. And PASS-THRU PRICING is the best and most transparent pricing for merchants, as agreed upon by Independent Sources.  Click here or below for more details.

ASCENT sets you up as Merchant of Record (MOR) so your funds are FDIC-insured every step of the way from the guest’s card to you bank account. Being MOR gives you the most freedom to set your own policies and practices. We are strongly urging merchants to have flexible cancellation and refund policies at this unprecedented time – but choose a processor that makes sure you get to make that choice for yourself.

We offer the best chargeback support in the industry. We proactively review rental agreement or other guest documentation complimentary for help in verbiage to protect against future chargebacks. We also assist in the preparing the rebuttal package, depending on reason code. In fact, recent merchants have seen an average of more than 20% increase in wins with our excellent chargeback team. Click here for more info on chargeback support during this pandemic.

We set up merchants for Net Billing or Negative Interchange on refunds. This is another example of how ASCENT passes savings to you – if the card brands offer to give any interchange back when you process a refund, we pass all of that benefit to you. Many processors keep that savings for themselves. Click here for more info on net billing.

Has your inventory of properties transitioned to be more long-term stays (more than 30 days) since the pandemic? Let us help review your account setup to ensure you are on the correct Standard Industry Code (SIC) for the maximum savings possible to fit your business model.


While some Reservation Software Partners offer escrow services within their accounting modules, not all Property Managers have access to proper escrow services. We have some tools to help on your journey to independence, and also help assist in limiting risk for your business.

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