Revenue Recovery Program Offers Real Solutions to Aid Merchants in Reopening

Adaptability Is Key.  Do Something Now Or Fail.

As most of the country has plans to reopen or ease lockdowns, the past months of planning seem to be over.  Now it’s time to execute these plans.  While many of us have researched and participated in online webinars, even the messaging has changed from What to Consider to What To Do as many businesses in our sector plan their next steps.  I recently read an article in Adweek and the title says it all – 1 in 4 Americans Want to Travel Immediately After Covid-19 Restrictions Lift.  That number goes up to half of Americans after 60 days.

Here are some stats to consider right now:

  • 53% of owners on a recent webinar said they planned to reopen this month.
  • 25% of businesses fail within 1 year of a disaster (FEMA)
  • 90% of small businesses fail within 2 years of a disaster (SBA)

The last two stats share one main factor, other than poor cash flow – Failure to adapt.

Point #1:             Do something……NOW!

Tangible vs Intangible Solution?

Here are two options in order to best adapt.  Which one sounds better?

  1. Keep attending webinars that tell you what to consider in your marketing or Facebook ads that the rest of your competitors are also considering. Put your notes in a folder to consider later at another time.
  2. Deciding on a new solution that can help your business and then taking steps to implement them now.

Point #2:          Decide on a real solution and do it now.  (see a trend in the message?)

Revenue Recovery Program (RRP)

Fortunately, we at ASCENT Processing have a new Revenue Recovery Program that offers REAL solutions to businesses, designed to help them moving forward during and after this historic pandemic.  Yeah, I’m being completely self-serving in highlighting this program.  But, considering no one else in our space has a few of these solutions designed to truly help you…. of course, I’m going to blast this message as loud as I can.

And because I’m just as tired of researching and reading as much as you are, here’s a quick list of what’s in our program for you to skim.

RRP #1 – Surcharging Program

This is designed to basically reduce your credit card fees down to almost $0.  How?  You’re passing on your credit card fees to your customers.  They’re the ones who want to use their Rewards card or other similar cards that cost you, the merchant, extremely high fees.  Why would you want to keep bank rolling these rewards programs when all it does is cut your profits?

RRP #2 – The Reservation Agent Tool for AscentPay

AscentPay powered by Uplift is our single product that no other competitor of ours has.  This is a real solution that you can offer your customers that I guarantee the majority of your competitors don’t offer. Our AscentPay solution offers property managers to get paid 100% up front, while their customers have the option to pay for their package in a low monthly cost rather than one large sum up front.  We take on 100% of the liability with chargebacks and fraud.  And our Reservation Agent Tool allows you, the business owner, to get up and running with this program immediately with your reservation agents/call center, rather than waiting for the usual integration time frame for your website.

RRP #3 – Level III Data Processing

Want to save between 0.75% to 0.80% on some card transactions…. seamlessly?  The other option is to just not do this and get overcharged.  Good thing your average ticket isn’t in the hundreds or thousands.  Those higher tickets are the ones that really matter considering this amount of savings.

RRP #4  – Our Core Solutions

Merchant of Record: Many people are building their own websites in response to this pandemic, gaining more control of their business.  Merchant of Record allows you to gain control of your business as well, allowing you to do more than your competitors.

Chargeback Support:  It’s a good thing if you haven’t had to deal with chargebacks in the past few months. If you did, just know that our support team has the most expert knowledge and experience, so much so that we’ve had an increase in new relationships from helping merchants with issues and boarding new ones that were rejected elsewhere.  No guarantees we can do that for you, but I guarantee we’re the best ones to consult you instead of someone reading from a handbook or not calling you back.

Net Billing:  When you issue  a refund, do you currently get refunded the majority of your interchange card fees?  No?  Well, we pass-through negative interchange  to our merchants.  Are you okay with spending money needlessly during this robust economy?

Correct Set Up:  Do you know if you should be set up for a short term or long-term industry code?  Long term stays have risen during this pandemic, and if you’re not set up for it correctly, you’re again just wasting money. If you think this pandemic will  end in a few days and our world will return back to normal with nothing unchanged, hey, don’t worry about it.  Summer’s here!!!

I apologize if I came off a little cynical in the latter part of this.  Truly.  I see what merchants in our space are going through, as well as the rest of the world.  My parents were small business owners, so I know how hard it is when the economy is good.  But during these uncertain times, unfortunately, failure is inevitable for some.

We’re offering REAL solutions for you to look at that WILL help your business now and into the future.  Many of our solutions your current processor can’t offer.  They also can’t offer you the expertise and knowledge we can.

Usually I would end this by giving an unbiased comment and simply making the point to look at similar products or solutions to help your business.  But again, the other guys don’t have some of these solutions to help you.  We do.  So, don’t just put this off for another day.  Don’t shelf this because business is slowly getting back.  What we’re going through is a marathon, not a sprint.  We will see a rollercoaster of a ride with the economy, based on the experts warning of another surge this winter.  I urge you to please contact us or put it in your calendar to contact us this week, soon.  We can help.  Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck and nothing but well wishes moving forward day to day until we beat this.  Until next time.

Scott Lim is the Business Development Manager for Ascent Processing, Inc.  He has over 18 years in the payments industry, working in all facets of the FinTech ecosystem.  To submit related topics or questions, please reach out to him at

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